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We are a medical billing company that offers ‘24/7 Medical Billing Services’ and support physicians, hospitals, medical institutions and group practices with our end to end medical billing solutions. We help you earn more revenue with our quick and affordable services. Our customized Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions allow physicians to attract additional revenue and reduce administrative burden or losses.

Our company was founded and is now a leading organization of highly motivated and certified coders & billers in the US medical billing industry. We have ambitious plans to grow more rapidly. As a Medical Billing Outsourcing Company we take care of the complete setup & enrolment in about one to four weeks time depending on the complexity of the project. We have certified trainers with 10+ years of experience to train the newcomers so they can get acquainted with the specialty jargons & stay updated with the recent coding developments.

Mediswat our Medical Billing best practices will enhance the efficiency and productivity of your practice

Mediswat is dedicated to providing outstanding billing and accounts receivable services to medical practices, hospitals and ASC setup. We also serve as backbone to small, big billing companies that sub-contract to us for increased profitability.

We have more than 10 years of medical billing experience.

We are proud to say we have a multitude of satisfied clients.

We serve practices of all sizes and specialties.

We keep you up to date with healthcare's rapid changes

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We strive to stay in communication with our clients. Have a question about our billing practice, or want to see if we match your needs? Send us a message, or give us a call.